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The Self- Regulation Workbook for Kids

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When children have difficulty self-regulating (controlling their emotions), it can be harder for them to get along with peers and family members, hurt their academic achievement, and inhibit their ability to complete daily activities. In this evidence-based workbook, young readers follow the journey of a child just like them- who experiences all kinds of emotions and thoughts and learns how to take control of them. 

Guided by a relatable character and reinforced through hands-on exercises, The Self-Regulation Workbook for Kids allows children to safely explore and express their feelings. The CBT-based activities and advice will empower them with concrete coping skills that they can return to each time they start to feel difficulty managing emotions, including:

Breathing techniques for calming the body

Coloring pages for identifying and processing different emotions

Creative activities to understand and replace unhelpful behavior

Feelings Charts to map out strong reactions

Prompts for joy journaling 

And much more! 

The Self-Regulation Workbook for Kids is the perfect tool to help your child fully identify, understand, and take control of their feelings in any situation! 

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