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Individual Therapy

Jenna is committed to helping you to identify and work toward your goals, no matter what curveballs are thrown your way. Whether you are going through a difficult time in your life, adjusting to changes, or coping with long-standing issues, Jenna will help you to develop the insights, skills, and tools to reach your highest potential. 

Group Therapy

Group therapy provides members with a safe space to work toward common goals with others. Groups offer the powerful opportunity to connect with, learn from, and support others as you work toward your goals. Many find this to be especially rewarding and to have unique benefits. Groups led by Jenna include:

  • Social and Emotional Skills Group: Life can be a social and emotional roller coaster. This group is a safe place to learn skills and develop tools to help participants feel empowered to navigate the journey. Participants will also have the opportunity to process their experiences, develop insights, and support each other through their real-life experiences. 

  • PEERS for Young Adults: This group is for young adults who want to improve their confidence and ability to make friends, keep friends, and/or develop romantic relationships. Group members learn and practice social skills to support them in reaching their goals. 

  • Cultivating Confidence: Co-led by a Registered Dietitian and a Defense Instructor, this group is designed to foster healthy self-esteem through talk therapy, body image work, movement, and more.

Clinical Supervision

Jenna provides clinical supervision to mental health professionals and school counselors. Clinical supervision is an opportunity for clinicians to process their cases, learn treatment strategies, and sharpen skills. Clinicians will explore their own emotions related to the cases to ensure that these do not impact treatment, and to manage the inherently distressing components of the job. Clinical supervision hours toward obtaining an LCSW available. Supervision for school counselors can be provided to individual school clinicians and/or to school student support teams. Supervision can be provided on-site at your office or school, in Jenna's office, or virtually. 

School Consultation

When a student experiences social, emotional, and behavioral difficulties, it can negatively impact academic achievement, peer relationships, and classroom culture. Through classroom observations and meetings with the student, parents, teachers, and school support staff, Jenna provides comprehensive plans to help students to reach their potential in the school environment. 


Jenna provides workshops that help community members, schools, and organizations to learn about a variety of topics. Workshops led by Jenna include:

  • The Strength of Feelings:  It is common for people to have big reactions to small triggers and to have difficulty calming down. This workshop teaches participants how to think about and manage the intensity of their emotions. 

  • Mind Over Mood: While it often feels like "things that happen" cause our emotions, our emotions are actually shaped by the ways that we think about the things that happen. This workshop teaches participants how to identify, challenge, and reshape their thoughts. The ability to identify and challenge unhelpful thinking allows people to view stressful situations more clearly and navigate them more effectively. 

  • Cultivating Confidence: Co-led by a Registered Dietitian and a Defense Instructor, this workshop includes a self-defense lesson and psychoeducation covering topics including self-confidence, mindful eating, healthy body image, and boundary setting. 

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